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ED3 (Event-Driven Data Delivery) is a framework to facilitate "data-prepardness" for decision support systems by providing users the capability of pre-defining data access and product generation in response to future events. Decision makers, researchers, and other users are able to define specific data-related actions to be executed when an event meeting specified criteria occurs.

The loosely coupled architecture allows ED3 to support pluggable additions of new event types and data process components that can then be used to build preparedness plans (subscriptions of what actions to take) when future events occur. ED3 provides the means to generically support any type of event and any possible data processing component through well-defined and supported interfaces. This unique functionality is handled within the pluggable components that interface with ED3 and not in the framework itself, thus allowing the system to support interoperability across diverse disciplines and processing requirements.

The figure below depicts a high level view of the ED3 framework supporting applications such as REACT (Rapid Event Album CollecTions). Access to the REACT Subscription application is controlled, so users must request an account to view the full capabilities. Support for additional types of events and relevant data processes are continuing to be added to the REACT application.

REACT Overview

This research is supported by the NASA grant NNX12AP73G as part of the Applied Science Program.